How to Send Actual Resolution Image on WhatsApp

How to Send Actual Resolution Image on WhatsApp

The best trick to transfer original images via WhatsApp, and not lose image quality

This may not be news – but I have several WhatsApp users who asked the perfect way to send image files and not lose quality.

Usually, WhatsApp sends a small version of an image not the full size original but there’s a simple trick to make WhatsApp send images just as you push them out – instead of the smaller versions that WhatsApp sends.

How to Send

Sending the original, unchanged picture is better for display on larger screens and especially for editing the image – for someone like me, I remember “always” requesting high quality images when using BlackBerry Messenger (R.I.P) 😞.

But here’s the kicker:

Just choose the send option “Document” instead of “Camera” or “Gallery” or whatever you find there (see images below)...

whatsapp document
For Android


Document” really means ‘any file’ and it will send the complete image as saved on your device.

whatsapp document
For iPhone



Look for the image file on your smartphone (this may look different for devices) but we’ve got an image to show how to do it on Android.

whatsapp document



Select the image file and click to send!

How to Receive

If someone sends you a full-size image, it appears with an icon (as seen below) ...

whatsapp document


Click the download button to save the image to your device!

What’s the Bottom Line?

There are several reasons I personally prefer to receive original images over compressed images, but one that stands out is:
Once an image is compressed and received, any editing or re-upload, further reduces the image quality and thereby causing it to look distorted.

PS: We all win when you share this content with friends and colleagues! 🏆

— Felix / The Online Ignition
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