Meet Mayowa – Our Administrative Support, Intern

Meet Mayowa – Our Administrative Support, Intern

Nitty gritty of my work at The Online Ignition as an Admin Support – Mayowa Solesi

I joined The Online Ignition in September 2019, as an intern. Trust me when I say it has been indeed an amazing experience…

Coming here was just with the mindset of gaining relevant experience while working as an Administrative Support but it’s actually been more than that.

My first week was a bit off when I had to do some interactions over the phone, which made me feel like a customer service agent – or maybe I was just shy to do it.


On several occasions, I had to prepare my mind on how the conversation will go but often times I got disappointed having to deal with different people and their moods which can be unpredictable.

My second week became easier as I started to get used to the system and I became free as I was able to tolerate and handle all that came my way. Also, it began to seem the workload reduced because – I could work remotely at times and I also began to enjoy the growth process.

I look forward to more opportunities ahead and working with wonderful people, while learning new skills.

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— Felix / The Online Ignition
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